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The Golden Triangle

 The Golden Triangle is part of the Champs Elysees district of the 8th arrondissement of Paris. It is a Parisian district bounded by Montaigne Avenue, Champs-Elysées and George-V Avenue. It is home to wealthy families and housing luxury stores, businesses and offices; including hotels such as Fouquet’s, Four Seasons-George V, Prince de Galle on Avenue George-V, the Plaza Athénée and the Champs-Élysées Theater on Avenue Montaigne and the Crazy Horse Saloon on George-V Avenue. The head office of LVMH, the famous world leader in major cosmetic, perfumes, spirits and leather goods brands is also located in the Golden Triangle, on Montaigne Avenue.

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Paris: The best world tourist destination

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No one can deny that Paris has an incomparable historical heritage. It is distinguished by its beauty,   its several monuments places that make it the most popular touristic destination in France. The first celebrate attraction that comes to minds when we talk about Paris is the  Eiffel Tower this monument has become the symbol of the French capital, and a leading touristic site that represents a one of the most visited landmarks in the city.  It has also numerous castles, the Louvre museum and so others famous touristic places. Continue reading

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