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Destinations and luxury tourism

Are you visiting Paris for the first time, or looking for new adventures ?

The following is exclusively for you – especially if you’re going out on the beaten track of the destinations done and redone.

Wish you spent the next day telling you that this day was a luxury still unmatched? Would you like to live moments of absolute happiness?

Paris awaits: to seduce you with its legendary charm and still unmatched. It is full of activities ready to offer you unbound happiness. It is there to allow you to curl ecstasy, to meet all your craziest desires, the most extravagant, the least meaningless, your desires for discovery, adventure, your desires for luxury and prestige and even to those you have never thought possible.

Rediscover Wagner at the Opéra de la Bastille, spend a moment of pure joy at the Théâtre with Molière, taste the refinement of French gastronomy at the restaurant Le Cinq of Fours Season George V. Shopping is your hobby? And stroll through the department stores on Boulevard Hausmann, enjoy some of the most popular fragrances while admiring Edouard Schenck’s dome. And why not, create your own perfume, now a reality with Studio des Parfums.

Also take time to live to the rhythm of the Parisians: enjoy a Viennese coffee rue Saint Honoré, do your shopping at the Grande Epicerie de Paris, enjoy the weather to walk while admiring a breathtaking heritage (you know the rue Crémieux? It’s worth the detour), savor the chocolates of Hugo & Victor, …

In short, all this to say that during your stay in our luxury apartment in the center of the Avenue George V Golden Triangle, you can access all these delights in the blink of an eye.

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