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Where to buy nice shoes in Paris?

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We have many good reasons to want to buy shoes. There is the sudden urge that falls on us without warning (often after a small or big annoyance, we will not do the psychology of the shoe but you know very well what I want to talk about). There is also the search for the perfect pair of shoes that will go with the dress that we have already.

In short, to do your shopping shoes in Paris, there are the brands we know by heart such as Jonak and Minelli present in all areas of Paris. And then there are the smaller, sharper brands found in some of the brand’s outlets or in multi-brand stores.

Following is a small inventory of favorite brands to find in Paris

         1. Mellow Yellow

Ok, Mellow Yellow is now almost as well known as the big chains. It is in any case the most represented brand of shoes. You will like the colors, the materials, the comfort of these shoes, as well as the little regressive touch of their almost childish style.

 In the private sales that take place twice a year (in June and November) in their shop street Turbigo: the models are sold between 30 and 70%, it’s really worth it. That’s how you are likely to find the most perfect heel boots in the world for forty euros, or this pair of sixties babies for about 30 euros. (Picture below)

Where to find them? Several boutiques of the brand in Paris, and an outlet at 32 rue de Turbigo where private sales take place. To receive invitations, simply register on their site.

Mellow Yellow

2. Petite Mendigote                   

This brand was first known for its beautiful bags, before embarking on shoes and even clothing. These are very delicate shoes, all finesse, perfect for formal wear. You will also like their simple flat sandals, with pretty details, sometimes in a very chic ethnic style (small feathers and braided patterns) or their pretty little compensated red salomés. (See pictures below)

Where to find them? Three shops in Paris: in the 18th, 6th and 16th.

3. Bobbies

Initially, Bobbies meant moccasins with colored pins, declined in the masculine and the feminine. The brand has quickly offered other types of shoes, including boots and derbies simply perfect. The style is timeless, with beautiful shapes and neat little details: here a yoke of glitter, there a touch of leopard print or zebra mixed with impeccable leather … Each pair seems really easy to wear, it is classic revisited.

Bobbies paris shoes

The brand has a small shop in the Marais.

Bobbies : 1 rue des Blancs Manteaux, Paris 4th.

Ellips paris shoes

4. Ellips

Ellips creations are part of a world that is both pop and retro. Most models have colorful leather inserts that blend pastel and flashy colors, with round shapes and thick heels. If it takes almost 250 euros for a pair, the brand makes interesting balances (provided you go early!) And on the site, there is a section good deals with great discounts. The range « Bichette by Ellips » offers models at more reasonable prices.

Where to find them?

 In the store of the brand, and in other outlets in Paris.

Ellips, 4 rue Malher, Paris 4.

Ellips paris shoes
Ellips paris shoes

5. Repetto

Repetto is Proust’s Madeleine of the shoe. The one we dreamed of when we were old enough to afford a nice pair. And whether or not it is done, Repetto retains an almost mystical aura when we talk about pretty shoes. We immediately think of the shades of colors, the Zizi and Gisele, the princess’s patent shoes ….

Where to find them?

So, it’s clear and clear, if we decide to afford Repetto, we will seek magic in the shop at 22 rue de la Paix and nowhere else.


 6. Anniel

Anniel, it is a bit like the Italian Repetto: iconic and impeccable models, between the dancer and princess shoes. The photo shows a model of this brand for wedding  shoes. It is a model that does not cause pain at the feet of the day, and the glitter stays in place.


7. Carel

Carel was created sixty years ago, and it is a pure brand of the sixties: if you like the BB style, you’ll be thrilled. Pretty salomés and bridled babies, ballerinas with pompoms and big knots, polish and pastel, Carel shoes are feminine and comfortable. And they are real candy for the eyes.


Where to find them?

 Several shops in Paris: in the 8th, the 1st, the 6th, the 16th.

chie Mihara

8. Chie Mihara

This brand makes you dream: it must be said that it is not given, almost 300 euros the pair). The shoes of Chie Mihara are recognizable by their particular form, they have very thick soles and a very round end. It combines a retro and sharp style with incomparable comfort, it seems .. and just try them to realize it. Like slippers, but with the look of a queen.

Where to find them?

 In several multibrands in Paris (the shop La Ruche, in the tenth offers a nice selection).

Emma Go

9. Emma Go

This Danish brand is more and more present in Parisian concept stores. Emma Go, these are pretty shoes very feminine, often adorned with sequins, one imagines very well to wear a ceremony and recycle with good old jeans. One must admit that the models are highly desirable.

Where to find them? No shop in Paris, but many resellers.

Patricia Blanchet

10. Patricia Blanchet

You could not miss out on Patricia Blanchet, a darling creator of bloggers and other fashion influencers who elected her as the high priestess of Parisian shoes. Nobody can deny it, the creations are superb.

Where to find them?

 A shop dedicated to Paris, 20 rue de Beaurepaire in the 10th.

And also:

Les Voltigeuses: two shops side by side in the 10th, a perfect selection of clothes and accessories, Emma Go and Bobbies shoes

Escalona: high-end shoes in two boutiques of the 6th and 11th

Paperdolls: a treasure in Pigalle, Alice in Wonderland in particular you can find the beautiful shoes of the brand Ellips.

Lili Cabas: very beautiful designer brand that offers a nice selection of shoes. Shop in the 10th

Impertinent: impeccable selection in this shop, all the clothes and shoes make you want to leave with.

Paris shoes

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